Arequipa and the bad case of “Traveler’s Sickness”

After our sand boarding adventures in the oasis Sarah and I took an overnight bus to Arequipa which is a very lovely city (Sarah’s favorite).
The city is the second biggest in Peru and was founded in 1540! Its very colonial looking with beautiful old stone building with huge wooden doors and cobble stone roads. We stayed here for about a week and visited the Colca Canyon while there, doing a three day trek the ended in another oasis (I think that the Peruvians name many places an oasis the lure tourists) but nonetheless it was the coolest thing I’ve seen yet. IMG_2097.JPG



The start of the canyon is very dry and steep but the bottom is so green a lush. The canyon is home to many small villages who grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables including avocado, banana, fig and mango trees (of course I was trying to pick the fruit but most wasn’t ripe yet since it’s still spring here). br />
IMG_2346.JPGThe canyon is also home to the Condor bird which places a very important role in the Incan culture, The condor’s wingspan is around 10.5 feet!! Its huge!



IMG_2346.JPGI had lots of cool pictures of all this but my camera got stolen in Cusco 😦 fortunately I got a couple on my iPad. During the canyon trek I got really sick. It started with feeling really weak, and spending the whole trek at the very back of the group. Then it happened that dreaded D-word: diarrhea at the bottom of the freaking canyon three hour trek to the top -__- Thank god for mules. I would buy that mule if I could, he carried me all the way to the top without any reins directing him, he just went. He probably does that hike 5 times a week, poor guy.



Back in Arequipa Sarah and I rewarded ourselves with the best pizza in the America’s (well as far as we’ve tasted, sorry Aunt Shannon). Did some laundry then took another night bus to Cusco…


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