San Francisco – the city of Beauty


As always my adventures are a spontaneous unplanned spur-of-the-moment kinda thing. I wasn’t even completely sure I was taking this trip until a day or two before. I started off traveling with my friend Dorje who put up with me all the way to San Francisco.  Face


Dorje getting stoked

San Francisco was amazing! Except everything cost money and getting into the city was a bitBuildingsandColor stressful to say the least between almost running out of gas on the bridge and trying to find cash for the toll. Nonetheless we made it! Thank god for Dorje being so calm during my stress escapade.  We rolled into the city filled up the car, emptied our bladders and I finally indulged in the sensory overload around us! What a gorgeous city it was. All the buildings, all the people and the sites- everythDorjeThaiing so beautiful! Even the homeless people were beautiful! The hills are no joke in San Fran, steepest hills I’ve ever drove on (not counting off-roading). The parked cars looked like they would just tip over. You can’t hardly capture on camera how step they are but believe me they’re steep! 

We instantly feel in love and wanted to stay there forever. The city was nothing short of magical. I definitely will be living there someday. It’s inspiring. It made me want to live there and pursue a life of art and beauty. The city was alive and it was awaking something inside me that hasn’t stirred in a long time. It was like an injection shot of pure inspiration! 

And the food! Omg the food there was amazing, you could choose whatever type of food you wanted: Italian, Chinese, Vegan, Organic, Local, food from chickens with names- you name it! Even Afghanistan food!   


Even the dogs look like they’re having the time of their life!

LagunaThe street art was pretty awesome too.. Especially in the Haight & Asbury District where the hippie movement was centered. 




3 thoughts on “San Francisco – the city of Beauty

  1. I’m so glad you got to spend some time in my city. I miss it all the time, except for the expense – it’s such a pricy place just to be… And the hills, omg, the hills. I learned to drive (and stick shift nonetheless) in San Francisco. It was probably the roughest driving course ever, but I did learn some awesome tricks and skills from my car sliding backwards and I definitely blew through many a red light – haha!!

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