Projects in Sedona, Arizona

Hello Lovelies,

IMG_1313We have some really exciting things in store! We have been currently filming and taking photos amongst the beautiful red rocks and creek side of Sedona, Arizona. We are creating a promo video for our (soon to come!) Indiegogo account, in an effort to create more support around our project(s) and budding career. We are truly grateful for everyone who has already supported us like these lovely ladies at Theia’s– a wonderful coffee shop in Sedona we stumbled upon yesterday.  Caring people like you give us strength everyday!

We are also working on creating a logo for our IMG_1449project, group, partnership whatever you want to call it and an Etsy store for our photography. So much is in store in the next couple of weeks but for now here is a preview of our current project in Sedona.IMG_3463


Jess and Kayla



2 thoughts on “Projects in Sedona, Arizona

  1. You have captured Sedona’s serene beauty perfectly! Such talent! You are both an inspiration to all. Thank you for including Theia’s in your adventures, we are truly honored. We will send continuous love and support your way!

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