Packing up and Leaving!


Kayla and I have decided to move abroad!

After some recent revaluation of my life, I’ve realized that moving to Washington is something that I still might want to do, but not now. I need to take a break after school and just travel. There are so many people and opportunities to learn from and no better time to explore and grow than now.

Going to Washington for another (final?) year of college is a big financial and emotional commitment that I’m not ready to make without a little soul searching and growing up first. Traveling has always been something that I have preached and here I was about to give that up for more school (not that I don’t see the value in education).

Going abroad I think will give me a better perspective on my life and the world around me. It will give me time to really decide what I want to do next and perspective on where I am needed most on this planet. So how exactly did I get to this realization and who is Kayla, you might be asking…

Well it all started in the beginning of this semester, when I enrolled in Public Speaking (not by choice) and sat next to Kayla. We instantly became friends and found solidarity in the fact that we both loved adventures, traveling and exploring abandoned buildings. Then we started going on our own adventures, finding unexplored caves, exploring abandoned buildings, and sharing our thoughts on secret societies. Then the idea came up about making our adventures bigger, more permanent but the only problem was she was a year behind me in school and I am soon graduating and wanting to get the heck out of dodge.

Our solution: She will travel abroad her senior year and I’ll join in for the adventure! Kayla has an obsession with Scotland so I have a feeling we might be going there for our base camp and for her studies but the possibilities are endless!

Our ultimate plan is to create a photojournalist blog about our travels, tell stories of the eccentric people we meet and explore the lesser-known parts of the world.

We’re still in the planning stage and won’t be able to leave until next August or so but there is still much to be explored locally, like the secret hidden cabins on the peaks, or the cave we couldn’t get down into yet-pictures to come!

For now,



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